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Liv Toepfer, Certified Health Coach Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Liv Toepfer is passionate about nutrition and living your best, most authentic life as well as being a good citizen of the earth. 

Liv is a Certified Health Coach, and specializes in a whole food, plant-based Vegan diet with a focus on raw foods, alkalinity and gut health. 

She believes yoga, meditation, a spiritual practice and getting outside are also very important ingredients for true health and wellness. Your body is a temple and should be treated as such! 

"Eating a plant based vegan diet is the healthy, sustainable, ethical, compassionate path to being your best, most optimal self."

She is an animal and nature lover and absolutely loves geeking out on the science of nutrition, yoga and meditation! 

She loves cooking, reading, traveling, hiking, saving animals, protecting the earth, practicing yoga, meditation and exploring life with her family! 

Liv has an absolute zest for life and is super excited to help you on your PlantFit journey to feeling your best!

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The healthy, Ethical, sustainable, compassionate path to being your best, most optimal self